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HOMOS! A Solo Disaster Musical, B!tch

July 18, 7 pm8:30 pm.

HOMOS! A Solo Disaster Musical, B!tch is exactly what it sounds like. Queer. Musical. Solo. And a disaster. The solo homo in question is Dan Kitrosser who wants nothing more than to put on his 6 person gay-as-ferk apocalyptic musical, which features as a rag-tag group of queerdos race from hellfire; there’s a Norma Desmondesque-faded movie starlet, her closeted action star ex husband, his Twink, a couple of lesbians and a sexually ambiguous pothead boy at the center of it all. But as our world is actually on the brink of collapse, and Dan is literally running out of time, he’s just gonna roll up his sleeves and do it all himself. Come see this side-splitting tour de-farce that won the 2023 Philadelphia Fringe Festival for Best Cabaret.


407 West 42nd Street
New York, PA 10036 United States