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Party as Practice

May 18, 1 pm3 pm.

Yackez is throwing a party! Join Yackez (Larissa & Jon Velez-Jackson) & LMCC on the island long known as Paggank by the Lenape for the next installment of the Party as Performance series, Party as Practice. With this participatory performance, Yackez invites us to engage in the art of coming together. Explore just what transforms a gathering into a party. Is sitting together a party? Is dancing? How about a hot tub, or a drum circle, talking, imbibing while vibing: is that a party? Can party transform itself? Can we rest together? Maybe we’ll try a matinee party, a laugh out loud party, a party with beverages, a swaying in the corner party? You’re invited to consider all the possibilities of party!



110 Andes Rd
New York, NY 10004 United States