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Whiskey Flicks Live!

November 21, 7:30 pm9 pm.
WFL Art Haus
Whiskey Flicks Live!
created and performed by Michael Niederman and Daniel McCoy
Thursday, Nov. 21 7:30pm
Brooklyn Art Haus
20-26 Marcy Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11211
$20 admission
Whiskey Flicks Live! is an unscripted, booze-infused deep dive into film. For each performance, Daniel curates a one-time-only series of movie clips and shows them to Michael, who reacts in real time with a running commentary composed of personal stories, cultural commentary and film critique…with whiskey. Michael doesn’t know what Daniel’s going to play, Daniel doesn’t know what Michael’s going to say, and you, the audience, are along for the ride. There may be dancing. There will definitely be drinking. Hopefully you’ll remember why you fell in love with the movies.


NY United States